SafetyEYE Maintenance Workshop

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The participants learn to operate the SafetyEYE safe vision system, PSEN se. They will be able to detect and eliminate faults that are displayed on the PSS safety controller and in the SafetyEYE Configurator software. They will use multiple diagnostic functions on practical examples.

All topics are conducted with practical exercises on a SafetyEYE system with typical warning and detection zone configuration. Specific faults are simulated to demonstrate maintenance and repair procedures. The attendees will determine and eliminate faults using the 4 character display on the PSS safety controller and the SafetyEYE Configurator tool. (Limited programming will be covered)


  • Hardware structure and connections of the SafetyEYE sensor, analysis unit and PSS safety controller
  • SafetyEYE principles of operation
  • Decoding the status indicator on the PSS display
  • Handling of the Configurator software
  • Configuration of Warning and Detection Zones
  • Replacement of the SafetyEYE sensor, analysis unit, PSS controller, reference markers (and setup markers)

Target group
This course is for individuals working in the engineering, maintenance, service, and assembly departments.


  • Basic knowledge of electronics
  • Experience with the setup and maintenance of machinery controlled by PLCs
  • Students are required to provide their own computers and SafetyEYE Configurator software

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2 Days
8:30am - 4:30pm
Max. number of participants
8 Attendees
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