Safe motion monitoring

The right speed solution for each application

The Pilz portfolio offers a variety of solutions for safe motion monitoring

In accordance with the new Machinery Directive, when the drive is brought to a standstill, the operating status must be safely monitored and maintained. The motion monitoring safety functions - whether external or drive-integrated - must also be guaranteed. The term “safe” is understood in terms of functional safety from the relevant machinery safety standards EN 61508 and EN ISO 13849-1. Pilz can offer the right solution, depending on the application.

Why do we need safe motion monitoring?

Safe motion monitoring can be implemented through speed monitoring and is used to protect operating and maintenance staff. As a result, potentially hazardous movements are safely detected and appropriate countermeasures can be initiated in time. Speed monitoring is also used for plant protection, to avoid mechanical damage from rapid movements or a continuous production process.

Pilz offers a variety of solutions for safe monitoring:

Safe speed monitor PNOZ s30 (stand-alone)

Safe speed monitor PNOZ s30 (stand-alone)

Ensures safe monitoring of standstill, speed, direction of rotation and shearpin breakage. Suitable for all common motor feedback systems and proximity switches.

Configurable control system PNOZmulti

Configurable control system PNOZmulti

Expansion modules for monitoring standstill and speed.
Configuration via the software tool PNOZmulti Configurator.

Drive-integrated safety with PMCprotego DS

Drive-integrated safety with PMCprotego DS

Safe motion - Safe stop, motion and brake functions.

Automation system PSS 4000

Automation system PSS 4000

Monitoring of safe position and safe speed on distributed plants.

Motion safely under control

All safe motion monitoring solutions from Pilz, whether they use the safe speed monitor PNOZ s30, the configurable control system PNOZmultisafe motion with PMCprotego DS or the automation system PSS 4000, provide the following benefits:

  • Safe working practices with the safety gate open
  • Reduced setup times due to better insight into the setup area
  • Greater work safety due to safely limited setup speed
  • Quicker access to the machine once standstill is initiated

Tailored solutions for your safe motion monitoring

All solutions for safe motion monitoring aim to guarantee the protection of operators and machinery. Which product offers the right solution for you will depend on how flexible your solution needs to be:

The speed monitor from the configurable control system PNOZmulti and the stand-alone device PNOZ s30 are used for safe monitoring of limit speeds and for safely reduced speed. The PNOZ s30 from the safety relay range has a display for parameter setting and diagnostics already integrated into the housing and, as a stand-alone device, provides a self-contained solution.

With the configurable control system PNOZmulti you get a particularly flexible and communicative solution, thanks to the variety of interfaces and I/O modules. Parameters for different limit speeds can be set in the configuration tool (PNOZmulti Configurator) and can be selected as needed within the user program. Both solutions will fit perfectly into your plant environment.

While PNOZs30 and PNOZmulti can easily be integrated into existing speed monitoring structures, free parameter setting and programming on the PMCprotego DS and PSS 4000 mean they are suitable for creating new structures with greater flexibility of design options. You can benefit from very fast reaction times thanks to the drive-integrated safe motion solution and corresponding direct axis control. Use the automation system PSS 4000 and you have maximum freedom. With the freely programmable control system you can implement your requirements individually to suit your needs.

Just choose the right solution here, depending on your requirement:

Wide range of possibilities

  • Increased productivity thanks to safe speed range on transfer processes for dovetailed interlocking processes, such as buffer zones on conveyors and to avoid damage from excessive process speed.
  • Hygienic filling thanks to safe direction on filling and production processes which may only move forwards, such as filling processes in the food industry, where a reverse movement could result in contamination.
  • Safety increased thanks to safe operating stop, e.g. by stopping suspended loads sagging or falling and by travelling with the safety gate open in operating mode II on machine tools, as well as avoiding material "pushing forward" after the machine has come to a standstill.
  • Safe setup thanks to standstill monitoring when safety gate is released and on processes on smaller machines, such as applying labels, heat, logo, filling up materials.
  • Combination of safe speed and safe standstill monitoring, e.g. in woodworking machining centres. Various speeds are needed, as there are a number of different tools and materials to be machined.