Industrial communication systems from Pilz

Automation solutions are based on reliable communication networks. With its different networks, Pilz offers solutions for a range of requirements.

The safe, open bus system SafetyBUS p

SafetyBUS p - The safe, open bus system

Are you already using fieldbuses but want to decentralise the input/output of safety-related control data too? Then SafetyBUS p is the ideal solution! Time-critical information - e.g. the fact that someone has entered a machine's danger zone - is transmitted safely and without feedback.

Real-time Ethernet for complete automation

SafetyNET p - Real-time Ethernet for complete automation

Transmit all relevant control data - safety-related and non-safety-related - via one system. With SafetyNET p you can network complete plants and machines. It is based on standard Ethernet. Safe, feedback-free communication of time-critical data was considered right from the start and not just added later.