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Machinery safety training

Pilz - Your Training Partner for safe Machinery

Our seminars bring you up to speed as regards machine safety

Our safety training is aimed at anyone who builds, upgrades, buys, sells or uses machinery, in other words, all manufacturers and end-users. In our machinery safety training you can learn about subjects such as the Machinery Directive and safety-related standards, based on practical examples. We also offer customised training on machine safety – tailored to your needs and to normative requirements.

Machine Safety: Legal Principles

Different regulations apply for end-users and manufacturers in terms of machine safety. As a priority, plant operators must conform for example with the industrial safety regulations (Health and Safety Act), OSHA (USA) and Brazil NR 12 (Brazil), whereas the legal position for manufacturers is quite different. The Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and other standards and directives apply in this case.

Based on these needs, we have adapted our machinery safety seminars individually to specific target groups.

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Oct 3, 2017 -
Oct 6, 2017
Charlotte, NC
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Nov 10, 2017
Miami, FL
Feb 6, 2018 -
Feb 9, 2018
Canton, Michigan
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Feb 16, 2018
Canton, Michigan
May 8, 2018 -
May 11, 2018
Canton, Michigan
May 15, 2018 -
May 18, 2018
Canton, Michigan
Aug 7, 2018 -
Aug 10, 2018
Canton, Michigan
Aug 14, 2018 -
Aug 17, 2018
Canton, Michigan
Nov 6, 2018 -
Nov 9, 2018
Canton, Michigan
Nov 13, 2018 -
Nov 16, 2018
Canton, Michigan
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In house at customer location or Canton, Michigan
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Minneapolis, Minnesota
On request
In house at customer location or Canton, Michigan

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