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PNOZ Maintenance Workshop

Participants will learn the requirements of the OSHA and ANSI definitions of Control Reliability and how safety relays meet these requirements.   They will be able to detect and eliminate faults in a typical safety relay application.

This basic course provides hands-on experience in the operation and fault diagnostics for safety relay applications.


  • An overview of the OSHA and ANSI requirements
  • Positive guided vs. standard relay operation
  • The safety relay as a practical implementation of a Control Reliable circuit
  • Wiring of an E-Stop circuit
  • Safety relay status indicators as a diagnostic tool
  • Fault simulation and troubleshooting
  • Output expansion using expansion modules or external contactors (optional)

Target group
This course is targeted for employees of the maintenance, service, and assembly departments. 


  • Basic knowledge of electronics

Order numbers
Duration 1/2 Day
8:30am - 11:30am
Maximum number of delegates 10 Attendees
Further informations Please call 734-354-0272, ext. 207 for more information
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