Adams engine safely packaged with SafetyEYE

3D camera system SafetyEYE

At the Opel site in Vienna Aspern, the packaging process works smoothly. Up to ten containers with gears and engines are dispatched here every day. A fully automated strapping plant closes the special overseas packages and the safe three-dimensional camera system SafetyEYE monitors the process. This way, the products that are installed in Opel Adam, among others, arrive at the worldwide production sites in good order.

Barrier-free monitoring the strapping process

A forklift is used to feed the transport cases in and out of the strapping plant. SafetyEYE, consisting of three cameras is installed a few metres above the plant. It detects objects that move into freely configured warning and detection zone. When an employee enters a warning zone, an audible warning signal and a visual warning signal are issued. As soon as someone enters one of the four detection zones, the machine is stopped immediately. So the employees can approach the machine safely to perform maintenance work. At the same time, the barrier-free safety system increases productivity at Opel: The packing crates that require strapping are conveyed via transport rollers through the conveyor portal. SafetyEYE detects these as crates and lets them through without triggering a safety shutdown.

Detection zone SafetyEYE

The benefits at a glance:

  • Access from all sides – including the top – is secured, without disturbing the ongoing operation
  • Warning and detection zones freely configurable, offering high flexibility
  • Compact, maintenance-free solution
  • Increased safety and productivity
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“We have found the efficient, space-saving and low-maintenance solution we were looking for.”

Peter Czetina, Safety Engineer at Opel Vienna

About Opel

Opel was founded in 1862 by Adam Opel in Rüsselsheim; today it is one of the leading European car manufacturers. As part of the French automotive group PSA, Opel runs ten factories in six European countries, as well as a development centre and a test centre. Opel and its British sister brand Vauxhall are represented in over 60 countries.

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