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Software PASloto

Lockout Tagout LoTo is concerned with enabling energy and safety-relevant interlocks on the various energy supplies on machines.

The software PASloto provides support as you document your Lockout Tagout procedures. PASloto helps you to draw up job descriptions for powering down in the LoTo procedure. You can also document your whole plant simply and quickly with regard to LoTo. With this regulated procedure in the Lockout Tagout process you save time and money and, last but not least, guarantee higher occupational safety.

Switch off the power to machines safely: Now even simpler!

Version 1.1 of the lockout tagout documentation software PASloto now includes French as an additional language alongside English and German. And data in the personnel manager only needs to be entered once. It is automatically saved in the database and so is available via a quick drop-down selection. The same applies to machine and manufacturer information.

Practical and quick: it's that simple to document all your Lockout Tagout procedures with PASloto

  • Lockout Tagout reports are easy to produce – the software provides a step-by-step guide through all the necessary documentation procedures
  • The various procedures associated with a machine can be set up quickly
  • Deposit internal company questions to review the company's own Lockout Tagout policy (company policy)
  • Clear, modern design; optimised for touchscreen

PASloto is the ideal companion for setting up your LoTo procedures

  • Description of energy sources per machine
  • Graphical representation of energy sources
  • Documentation of all energy-isolating mechanisms
  • A clear poster is produced for every LoTo procedure; this can be attached to the machine
  • Setup and defaults for machine information
  • Management of people involved in the project
  • Editable databases (authors, machines and manufacturers, document types)
  • Insert photos of the machine and energy sources, incl. zoom function
Services for LoTo

We are happy to advise you about controlling hazardous energies

Benefit from our LoTo service: we will develop a customised Lockout Tagout procedure for you and help you to control energy safely.

About the "Lockout Tagout System" service

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