Safety Leadership Conference

Date: Nov 6, 2019 - Nov 8, 2019

Dallas, TX

Building a World-Class Safety Culture Isn't Out of Reach.

Take the Lead...
Attendees of the Safety Leadership Conference will learn how to integrate safety compliance into the culture of their business. Are you committed to taking the next step in achieving true safety leadership? Join us in Dallas, where you will:

  • Learn how to implement best practices in your workplace
  • Discover how to implement transformational safety leadership within your own company
  • Acquire OSHA compliance guidance
  • Improve your knowledge of plant floor safety technology
  • Understand the key elements of a world-class safety construction safety program

Are You Ready to Transform Your Company’s Safety Culture?

Pilz is taking the lead by being the Title sponsor of this Conference!

Our own Elena Dominguez, PE, CMSE, will be presenting:

Human Robot Collaboration - Safety Requirements
Working Safe while Optimizing Production

Day:  Tuesday, November 5th
Time:  9:00 am - 11:30 am
Room: TBA

The key to a safe human robot collaboration (HRC) application is to identify exposure hazards and adequately safeguard the robotic system.  This is the goal of an HRC risk assessment.  Some aspects of an HRC risk assessment are unique from other industrial machinery; for one,  the operator is exposed to robot motion.  Once the risks are addressed through protective measures, the system must be validated.  Validation is the act of confirming that the protective measures on the actual system are effective in providing protection.  For force limited HRC applications, this requires measurements of forces and contact pressures.  This workshop will discuss both risk assessment and validation of HRC systems. A robot arm and the force measurement tool will be on display for hands-on demonstrations.

Be sure to stop by Tabletop as well.  Our Certified Machinery Safety Experts will be on hand to discuss ways to help you keep your employees safe, your plant compliant and your business profitable.

Read more about the show here.

See you there!



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