Sep 24, 2015

Safety passport for Pilz training delegates

Provide evidence of your qualifications and medical check-ups with the Pilz safety passport.

In many companies a safety passport is a mandatory requirement for gaining access to production, for example, or to enable on-site services or engineering tasks to be performed. Many companies abide by the SCC (Safety Certificate Contractors) regulations. In accordance with this directive, use of a safety passport is mandatory.

Content and benefit of the safety passport

The Pilz safety passport contains personal and professional information such as address, employer, professional training, qualifications or medical check-ups. It serves as comprehensive evidence of qualifications, further training and the necessary medical examinations. The passport contains a removable emergency ID, so that information on blood group, contacts etc. are quickly to hand if necessary.

Guarantee your free copy

Each delegate on a Pilz CMSE - Certified Machinery Safety Expert - course receives this passport free of charge. Pilz enters all the information relating to qualifications. Delegates on all other Pilz training courses can also obtain the passport.

Further information:

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CMSE® - Certified Machinery Safety Expert

Safety passport from Pilz

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