Feeding material in safely without stopping production

May 14, 2012

Optoelectronic protective devices PSENopt provide maximum safety in panel production.

See the Industrial Automation magazine [Industrielle Automation] to discover which solution was implemented in practice.

Intelligent safety technology for pallet production machines

Roland Terwort GmbH & Co. KG manufactures machines as well as complete production lines for pallet production. The level of automation and complexity demands intelligent solutions on the part of the safety technology.

To achieve productivity while still safeguarding access to the work process, Terwort opted for optoelectronic protective devices PSENopt combined with the configurable control system PNOZmulti.

"Safety with perspective" with optoelectronic protective devices PSENopt

The safety light grid has a muting function, enabling material to be fed into the danger zone without stopping production, i.e. in areas in which the production process requires active intervention. The optoelectronic solution for area monitoring provides ergonomic, effective workplace protection, without obstructing the workflow. E-STOP pushbuttons and coded safety switches PSENcode also guarantee the safety of the block stacker in conjunction with the configurable control system PNOZmulti.

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