Safety Commitment reaps Rewards

Nov 8, 2011

Common success factors of machinery safety.

Common success factors of machinery safety.

Consumer packaged goods companies depend on high speed automation and machinery in the supply chain to get products promptly to their consumers.

Success Factors

Success factors can be seen in leading companies that achieve and sustain operational excellence whilst attaining a safe workplace and, in particular, integrating machinery safety. Success is built upon:

  • a consistent communicable machine safety philosophy linked to the company's values
  • a commitment to safety, demonstrated by upgrading legacy plant and machinery
  • a machine specific approach to the minimisation of risk, that may eminate from machinery based on machinery risk assessment
  • Application and implementation of the machinery directive as well as national full utilisation of minimum corporate machinery safety standards
  • Requiring safety inspections of equipment and safety components, including documentation of results

Safety Services

Pilz Safety Services have a team of passionate safety experts operating world-wide serving our customers with practical solutions locally in a wide range of industry domains. We are a global technical expert providing services for machinery safety. We help many consumer goods companies achieve and sustain breakthroughs in machinery safety.

Pilz is available to support your activities regionally and globally!

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