Efficient connection solution with safe sensor technology PSEN

Sep 5, 2011

Pilz sensors can easily be connected in series and are therefore particularly economical.

Looking for an efficient solution for connecting your sensors? Sensors from the various product ranges are compatible and are easy to connect in series with the PDP67 modules. Less wiring is involved, as fewer safe inputs are required – and your application remains safe. With a series connection, not only do you save time and costs during installation, but also during project configuration and commissioning.

Implementation is quick and easy

How does it work? It's quite simple: Connect the sensor technology PSEN to the decentralised input modules PDP 67 F 8DI ION. Excellent diagnostic options are available when connected with the configurable control system PNOZmulti. 

Economical solution thanks to an integrated option for series connection

Up to four sensors with an integrated option for series connection can be connected to the passive junction PDP F4 code via M12 connection technology. With this solution you can use coded safety switches PSENcode, safety gate systems PSENslock and safe proximity switches PSENini.

Additional benefits from connecting sensor technology PSEN in series with PDP67 modules:

  • IP67 protection: the housings are resistant to dirt and water
  • Compatible with products and interfaces from third-party manufacturers
  • More space in the control cabinet, as the modules monitor directly in the field