Jan 1, 1970

Dual PLC's in a single package

Using the PSS and SafetyBUS p from Pilz is like having dual PLC’s in a single package with a single program. This means simple designs, simple programming, simple verifications, simple wiring, and a simply safe system. The PSS and SafetyBUS p is failsafe, redundant, and diverse. Its multi-channel, diverse structure and integrated software makes it suitable for all safety and standard control applications. Third party, pre-approved software blocks allow for standardization.

With approved hardware, certified software blocks, dynamic self-testing, communication capabilities, and integral diagnostics, the PSS gives the advantage of less wiring, higher flexibility, efficient programming, quicker installation and fast troubleshooting. Safety Fieldbus I/O modules, bridges, and routers give you the capability to quickly expand, set-up and control even the largest safety systems. Pilz products save time, money, and increase guest satisfaction during the entire life of the attraction, with reduced down time and easy maintenance.

The leader in safety controls technology, Pilz offers a complete line of small compact and expandable modular safety PLCs with a wide range of communication modules such as Ethernet, Profibus, Device Net, and Control Net. Many Pilz firsts are today’s industry standards, including: the Emergency Safety Relay, the PNOZ product line; the all-electronic safety relay, PNOZe 1p; 16-amp safety relay, PNOZ power; Safe Open Fieldbus System, Safety BUS p, one of the 1st Programmable Logic Controllers, PLC's; and now the World’s First Safe Camera System for control and monitoring in 3-D.


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