Jan 1, 1970

Pilz provides CE marking Services

Pilz provides a "CE marking” service to the European (EU) Machinery Directive 98/37/EC whereby Pilz "CE marks” machines and assumes the responsibility of these machines when they enter Europe.

Any machine that has electrical subsystems will normally also have to comply with the European "Low Voltage Directive” (2006/95/EC, which repeald 73/23/EEC in 2007) and the "Electro-magnetic Compatibility Directive" (2004/108/EC, which repealed 89/336/EEC in 2007) as part of this CE marking process.

Pilz engineers will carry out the detailed construction evaluation and perform the required tests to claim compliance with the Low Voltage Directive (LVD) on the machine using specialized test equipment. These tests include Insulation Strength, Earth (Ground) Leakage, Earth Continuity (Ground Bond), Electrical Discharge, and Electric Strength ("hipot") tests.

Similarly, Pilz engineers can advise on the probable compliance to the EMC Directive. This may require specialized EMC testing or may only require good engineering practices and precautionary measures. However, it is likely that the Pilz engineers will have to analyze all electrical components to ensure that they are EMC appropriate. This can involve a thorough analysis of the component certifications, installation methods and suitability for purpose.


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