New features on the software platform PAS4000

Apr 4, 2012

Burner management software block - approved by TÜV Süd

The "burner management" software block is now available.

The software platform PAS4000 from the automation system PSS 4000 contains various editors such as the graphics Program Editor PASmulti and EN/IEC 61131-3 editors. The system continues to be characterised by a wide range of software blocks, enabling a high level of reusability and standardisation.

Newly available: "Burner management software block"

With the new "burner management" software block it is possible to control and monitor a wide range of different types of burner. The block can be configured with the functionality of an advanced automatic burner control system. As a result, applications up to SIL 3 of EN 61508 can be implemented.

Benefits of the new software block:

  • Suitable for burners with or without ignition burners, for master and slave burners
  • Interface available to control and monitor external compound controllers
  • Integrated tightness control
  • Inputs for external safety chains (e.g. E-Stop or maximum temperature)
  • Comprehensive diagnostics
  • Configurable step times
  • Approved in accordance with all applicable European standards for automatic burner controls, burners, thermoprocessing equipment and steam boilers

You can request the software block immediately from our technical support. In future it will also be integrated into the block library.

Further information:

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