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The US subsidiary of German Pilz GmbH, Europe's largest and most respected maker of safety automation equipment, offers worldwide integrated safety management from the simplest safety sensor to a complete plant risk assessment . Qualified consultants are available for worldwide services for risk assessment, safety concept, safety design, CE services, and safety sign-off, ensuring Lean AND Safe concepts are implemented. Product line includes: safety relays for automation applications, safety PLCs, motion control systems, lockout/tagout systems, monitoring relays, rugged touch screen HMIs, emergency stop pushbuttons, safety sensors, two-hand enabling devices, electromechanical safety switches, light curtains, muting lamps, and SafetyEYE – the world’s first safe camera system for 3-D zone monitoring. The company has offices across the globe, and does business in over 28 countries worldwide. Our headquarters in Canton, Michigan was specifically developed to build on Pilz’s outstanding service and increasing customer base throughout the United States.

About Pilz GmbH

Pilz Headquarters, Ostfildern Germany

Pilz is the world leader in the development and manufacturer of safety automation products and services.

Since 1948 their history of innovation includes the development of the first Emergency Safety Relay, the PNOZ product line, which has become the industry standard; the world’s first all-electronic safety relay, the PNOZe1p; the first 16 amp safety relay, the PNOZpower; one of the first Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC’s); and now the World's First Safe Camera System for 3-D Monitoring and Control .


Pilz Automation Safety L.P.
7150 Commerce Boulevard Canton
Michigan 48187

Tech. support: +1 877-PILZUSA (745-9872)

Telephone: +1 734 354-0272
Fax: +1 734 354-3355
E-Mail: info@pilzusa.com
Web: http://www.pilz.us

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