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The generational change at Pilz

Renate Pilz and the automation system PSS 4000

At the end of 2017, Chair of the Board Renate Pilz will leave her active role in the Pilz management. She hands over the management of the company to her two children, Susanne Kunschert and Thomas Pilz, with whom she has been leading the company for 10 years. As such, Pilz remains a family business.

Renate Pilz has decisively influenced the company, and promoted many product innovations and the internationalisation of the company. For her, it was a passion to continue the company after the early death of her husband, the then Managing Director Peter Pilz, and to continue in the spirit he intended. The vision to make machines safe worldwide originated from him. From the start, Pilz has set standards. Our products and solutions have established as a brand in safe automation technology.

Under the management of Renate Pilz, the company expanded worldwide. The Swabian family business with 200 employees has become a company with over 2,000 employees worldwide. Renate Pilz developed the company with a great deal of dedication and passion. An example of this is the development of the first programmable safety system where an innovative and courageous path was taken, and where Pilz has made industrial history. Together with her team she initiated important standards and directives, to achieve a globally uniform view of the subject of plant safety.

From 2018, Susanne Kunschert and Thomas Pilz will head the company – based on the existing company values and the jointly developed strategy. In future, among other things, they will promote the subjects of progressive digitalisation of the industry and robotics at Pilz.

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Commitment and values are deeply engrained in Pilz business culture, because: Values create future. Take your time to find out more about the value-based business management and the remarkable history of Pilz!

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Our pursuit of safety forms the basis of our daily thoughts and actions. Our vision, "The Spirit of Safety", has made us one of the leading automation technology suppliers. We use our automation solutions to create safety - for man, machine and the environment.

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