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What's New?

ACS and Pilz are teaming up to present a Certified Machinery Safety Expert class.  See the list of all our classes here: CMSE® - Certified Machinery Safety Expert - Pilz US 

If you are also interested in hosting a CMSE class, please let your Pilz Territory Manager know, or email Randy Price, Distribution Manager (

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Thursday, May 27, 2021/ Updated Sept.16, 2021!

Imagine creating your customized safety relay in 10 minutes or less, while using only the components you need. With myPNOZ from Pilz, this has become a reality.


The new modular safety relay myPNOZ - the future of safety automation - is produced specifically to YOUR requirements! An easy-to-use device that’s flexible in application and boasts clever features, it ensures reliable monitoring of your safety functions.

You create - you choose the required safety functions, and myPNOZ Creator puts the ideal hardware together. You can check your configuration with the simulation function. If everything fits, your myPNOZ is ordered with just a few quick clicks.

We build - Each myPNOZ is tailor-made and pre-assembled according to your individual configuration. We also set the parameters to suit your specifications, e.g. with regard to the start type or time delay for you. Your modular relay will be sent to you following a system test.

You install - You’ll receive your ready-to-use myPNOZ ‘ready for Plug and Play’. No software is required for commissioning. And the time and effort required for wiring has also been significantly reduced.

The future is NOW! 


Certified Machinery Safety Expert (CMSE) Training information

In cooperation with TÜV NORD, Pilz offers the qualification to become a CMSE – Certified Machinery Safety Expert.

This course can also be marketed and sold by distributors.  

The four-day course gives an overall view of the subject of machinery safety and is divided into five modules which convey comprehensive knowledge on and about the machinery lifetime cycle. The CMSE modules are standardized worldwide. The concluding TÜV NORD certificate has international validity.

With the title CMSE® - Certified Machinery Safety Expert you can demonstrate your competence for the whole lifecycle of machinery safety. Once you have passed the final examination you will receive the internationally acknowledged TÜV NORD certificate of CMSE - Certified Machinery Safety Expert, which is valid for 4 years. To maintain this certification, participants will need to take a one-day recertification, which extends the validity for another four years.

Certain requirements must be achieved prior to being allowed to enroll in this course.  Please see the one page brochure to the right to view all the requirements as well as dates the class will be held through the end of 2022.

The application form is also available to the right.  Please have customers fill this out and return it to  From there on out, Pilz will be in contact with your customers to ensure they not only meet the criteria, but also have the information they need to take the class.

To talk to someone in the Pilz Training Department regarding this CMSE class, it's requirements, dates and more, please email us at

CMSE® Sample Quiz
Not sure if this class is for you/your customer?  Take the sample machinery safety quiz linked on the right

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Pilz Marketing Materials

Pilz Information

In an effort to keep our distributors up-to-date with all our marketing materials, this section will be used to house all our marketing materials for you to download and use with your customers.  

If you do not see something specific that you need, please contact the Pilz Marketing Manager, Felicia Caponi at and we will get it to you as soon as possible.

Pilz products decoded

Yes, the Pilz products have 'interesting' names.  To help you decode them, use this handy guide:

  • PNOZ = Pilz small controllers, configurable control systems
  • PRMS = Pilz Robot Measurement System (measuring robot collisions for force/pressure)
  • PSEN = Pilz Sensor
  • PSENmlock = Pilz Sensors, safe interlocking/guarding
  • PSENopt = Pilz Sensors, Optoelectric (ie - Light Curtains)
  • PSENscan = Pilz Sensor, safety light scanner
  • PSS 4000 = Pilz Safety Automation System (safety and automtion in one system)


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