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Operator devices/operator terminals PMI – HMI with PMI

Modern HMIs for diagnostics and visualisation

Operator devices/operator terminals PMI – HMI with PMI

Operator terminals PMI (Pilz Human Machine Interface) are used to monitor and control your technical processes. We can offer you a wide range – from a simple diagnostic unit to an operator terminal for challenging applications. Our compact operator terminals offer maximum functionality. They are easy to integrate into your production and automation system.

Good visualisation and diagnostics also mean shorter downtimes and therefore increased cost effectiveness. When an error occurs, diagnostics on the machinery play a special role. Used in conjunction with Pilz control systems, what you have is a system that enables rapid troubleshooting when production errors occur.

Do you need comprehensive diagnostic functionalities? Then you should use our diagnostic concept PVIS or the visualisation software PASvisu!

Benefits of the operator terminals PMI at a glance

  • Reduced downtimes and increased plant efficiency thanks to an intelligent diagnostic and visualisation solution
  • Flexible, complete solution for visualisation of the automation system PSS 4000, SafetyNET p, PMC and PNOZmulti
  • Wide range of application options due to numerous display sizes and feature options
  • Sophisticated diagnostic and visualisation concept with our software products PASvisu and PVIS
  • "Made in Germany" – designed, developed, engineered, manufactured
Benefits of the operator terminals PMI at a glance

Features of Pilz operator terminals

Features of Pilz operator terminals
  • Heat-stable due to low-power RISC processor
  • Resistant to vibration due to soldered memory and processors
  • Resistant to dust due to ventilation-free technology
  • Front is protected against dust and sprayed water (IP65)
  • Based on the latest processor, providing optimum performance
  • Fast data transfer thanks to Ethernet interface

You will find applications for operator terminals in the following areas, for example:

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