Safety-related equipment

Which standard/regulation contains information about safeguarding a maintenance hatch?

Question: Is it sufficient for the maintenance hatch to have a screw fitting (hexagonal) or does a protective grille also need to be installed?

Answer: Whether the maintenance hatch or door is to safeguarded via a safety gate switch or through the design depends on the risk assessment.
It is necessary to clarify in advance how often the maintenance hatch or door needs to be opened, what hazards exist and whether a design solution can be implemented.
Once these questions have been clarified, the type of safeguard can be defined.

The design-based safeguard must be constructed in such a way that it can only be opened using a special tool and no other hazards arise as a result.

Where a solution involves safety components, the following questions must be clarified:
- Which PL?
- Does the hazardous movement have an overrun?
- etc.

The Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and DIN EN ISO 12100 must be considered as part of the risk assessment.

The following standards can be considered for the maintenance hatch or door:

DIN EN ISO 14119
DIN EN 953



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