Safety-related equipment

When is the use of retained fastenings specified?

Once a fixed guard has been removed, the Machinery Directive (MRL) 2006/42/EC requires that fixing systems remain attached either to the guard or to the machinery.

However, the "General principles" in accordance with Annex I of the MD should also be considered. These state that the obligations laid down by the essential health and safety requirements only apply when the corresponding hazard exists for the machinery when it is used under the conditions foreseen or in foreseeable abnormal situations. So in situations where no corresponding hazards exist, "normal" fixing systems can be used. This should be clearly set out in the risk assessment.

Retained fastenings cannot be replaced by guidelines in the instructions or by markings on the safeguard itself.

The requirements of retained fastenings are specified in DIN EN 953:2009 (Clause 7.2).



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