Safe camera system SafetyEYE

Three-dimensional monitoring and control with just one safe camera system

SafetyEYE is the first safe camera system for 3D zone monitoring. Where conventional technical safety solutions come up against their limits, SafetyEYE opens up new possibilities for monitoring and guarding danger points. Pilz has already received numerous awards for its work in this area,including the German Health and Safety Prize and awards from the International Society of Automation (ISA) and the German American Chambers of Commerce (GACC).

The safe camera system enables uninterrupted three-dimensional monitoring and control of danger zones. It combines intelligent sensor technology with effective control. Innovative 3D technology and the user-friendly software enable complex applications to be monitored and controlled with just one system!

The safe camera system detects and reports objects that encroach into warning and detection zones,which can be freely defined. SafetyEYE determines whether persons are present within the action radius of the hazardous movement (safety) or have accessed a zone with an increased safety level (security).

Monitoring and control with a single safe camera system

The sensing device – Monitoring

The sensing device that observes the movements comprises three different cameras. Calibration of the cameras is not necessary. Simply fit the sensing devices above the plant to be monitored. Compared to conventional safeguards, the camera system is ready for operation within a very short time.

The control unit – Controlling

The control unit consists of an analysis unit and a programmable safety system. The analysis unit receives and processes the image data. In doing so it generates the signals – detection zone violations for example – for the integrated programmable safety system. If this is the case the controller immediately shuts down the machine in question.

Three-dimensional monitoring and control with SafetyEYE – Benefits to you

  • Safe monitoring of complex applications with minimal effort thanks to 3D monitoring function
  • Suitable for high safety requirements with manipulation protection
  • High level of flexibility when designing or redesigning applications
  • Ergonomic workstations and efficient workflows because virtual detection zones afford free access to the process
  • Rapid installation and simple commissioning using just a few user-friendly components
  • Easy configuration and diagnostics of 3D warning and detection zones with the SafetyEYE Configurator

Features of the safe camera system

Features of the safe camera system
  • Arm resolution up to an installation height of 4 metres
  • Body protection
  • Max. visible range approx. 72 m²
  • Lighting from 300 lux required – depending on the background and environment
  • Designed for applications up to Cat. 3 of EN ISO 13849-1:2008, SIL2 of IEC 61508, PL d of EN ISO 13849-1 and applications in accordance with DIN EN 61496
  • Protection types: IP65 (sensing device), IP20 (analysis unit)
  • Suitable for worldwide use

Innovative solution for complex applications

Pilz developed the safe camera system in conjunction with Daimler. The result is a very innovative solution, which is particularly suitable for large-scale and complex applications in industry. The camera system SafetyEYE thus replaces the complex installations of previous safety equipment.

SafetyEYE offers three-dimensional safety with many functions. Our customers, too, find it convincing. The application reports contain more information about the various applications of the camera system!

SafetyEYE in production

At Benteler Automobiltechnik the safe camera system is improving the ergonomics of a robot welding plant. Our camera system is the only technical – and economical – solution for complete monitoring of the action radius of the robot in the danger zone. All danger zones are reliably monitored by the three-dimensional camera system. The user and the machine are thus able to work safely “hand in hand”. SafetyEYE means the critical safety and productivity requirements for the company are implemented in the best possible way.

Flexible production of fuel cellsthanks to the safe camera system

In the Fuel Cell Research Centre (ZBT), SafetyEYE is monitoring the pilot system for the production of fuel cells. To enable the fuel cell manufacturing industry to optimise its operations, automated production chains are trialled right from the outset. The ZBT relies on the Pilz camera system to implement safe, flexible pilot operations. Since its installation SafetyEYE has allowed the detection zone to be set up flexibly, creating the ideal basis for human-machine interaction.

Individually tailored to your needs

Curious to find out more? The agents on our international hotline at will be pleased to provide you with individual advice on how to use the camera system for your applications. For telephone enquiries, please contact our Technical Support.

Innovative solution for complex applications

Camera system versatile to use in industry


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