Camera-based protection system PSENvip

The safe automation solution for press brakes

Camera-based protection system PSENvip

The camera-based protection systems PSENvip are mobile protection systems for press brakes and provide visual monitoring of the whole bending process. When installed on the upper die, they detect even the smallest foreign body in the protected field between the transmitter and receiver. This product is characterised by robustness and high machine availability.

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Camera-based protection system PSENvip 2 – the integrated solution for modern press brakes

PSENvip 2 is the second, extended generation of the camera-based protection system. Simple handling, maximum productivity and high machine availability are distinguishing features of this press brake protection system. The volume of the receiver has been reduced by around 50 per cent in comparison with the previous product version, so you save vital space.

Use the PSENvip 2 in conjunction with the automation system PSS 4000! All you need to do is connect the Fast Analysis Unit of the PSENvip 2 as a module. Benefit from an even shorter shutdown time and a short overrun distance on the press brake tool.

PSENvip 2 does not need a device display: all of the commissioning and configuration work is carried out easily and directly via a web interface on the press brake controller. As a result, you as the user can make all the settings centrally in one place.

Please note that first generation PSENvip 1 products were discontinued from June 2023 and are no longer available. Need more information?
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Camera-based protection system PSENvip 2

Benefits of PSENvip 2 - at a glance

  • Maximum safety in accordance with the safety standards EN 12622
  • Innovative optical system with LED light for high availability and productivity
  • Robust protection systems: insensitive to reflections and external/diffused light, as well as vibration and temperature stratification
  • Long service life of the LED light source means reduced maintenance work
  • Reduced setup times due to simple initial adjustment and rapid tool change
  • Commissioning and configuration via web interface on the press brake controller
  • Shortest shutdown time and short overrun distance of the press brake tool – thanks to integrated FAST functionality in the Fast Analysis Unit

Features of the protection system

Features of the protection system
  • Large protected field (19 x 38 mm) with three sensing areas
  • Achievable distance between the transmitter and receiver of up to 13 m on PSENvip 2 and up to 18 m on PSENvip R LR
  • Advance measuring field for detecting the plate
  • LED light beam is safe to the human eye
  • Full integration into the environment thanks to the Fast Analysis Unit (in the PSS 4000) and configuration via the HMI on the press brake controller

New: Safe, productive press braking due to integrated bending angle measurement

The camera-based protection system PSENvip 2 and the automation system PSS 4000 stand for maximum productivity with simple handling. With the bending angle measurement module, usable image data is forwarded from the camera-based protection system directly to the press controller, thereby guaranteeing an efficient press brake process. The bending angle value is displayed on the machine’s user interface. There's no need for time-consuming, manual angle measurements and expensive distance measurement systems. In the process you benefit from: 

  • Time savings
  • Cost-efficient solution
  • Quality control across the whole length of the workpiece
  • Reduced space requirement for fitting additional devices

Want to know more about using the bending angle measurement module in practice? The press brake manufacturer Bystronic uses the module and reports on their experiences. The report is available in German and English.

To report (German)

To report (English)

Bending angle measurement module

The complete solution for press brakes and press retrofits

Dynamic muting for greater productivity

As a complete solution with the Fast Analysis Unit (FAU P) in the automation system PSS 4000, the productive version of the camera-based protection system PSENvip 2 offers dynamic adjustment of the protected field. The speed of the upper tool is continuously adjusted and is only reduced to the lowest level from the detection zone onwards. As a result, it is possible to achieve productivity increases of up to 50 per cent.

With the integrated, certified function block for the productive version, information such as tool class, muting end point or protected field modes is communicated to the PSENvip and safety functions such as position, speed, braking ramp, overrun distances and protected field are monitored. Manual programming is significantly reduced and the application is commissioned quickly and safely.

Safe press braking with large tools

Some tools used on press brakes cannot be safeguarded using a conventional solution on account of their size. However, in accordance with the standard EN 12622, each bending line must be safeguarded by a protected field 15 mm in advance, on the operator side. A requirement for complying with this normative specification is that the tool is situated completely within the protection system's field of vision. The camera-based protection systems PSENvip can help in this case.

With the special tools function certified by TÜV Süd, various tool sizes are now classified for the protection systems PSENvip. In tool class 1, protection is in accordance with the standard. However, the camera image for tool classes 2 and 3 can only partially identify the tool in view of its size.

The camera-based protection systems PSENvip can also monitor large tool shapes safely: by raising the switchover point or changing the speed when descending towards the plate. They check the tool contour and assign it to tool class 1, 2 or 3. The established class is communicated to the controller, which then issues enables for class 2 and 3 tools. The switchover points defined by the risk analysis are also monitored.

Important for you the customer: If the parameters for the PSENvip (basic and productive version with PSS 4000) are set correctly, without any safety-related errors, then this is not a significant change in terms of the Equipment and Product Safety Act – the work involved in certification is minimal.

Further information is available in the lexicon entry for "Significant change".

Complete solution for press brakes and press retrofits

Camera-based protection system PSENvip Long Range for special purpose presses

The Long-Range version PSENvip R LR is the first and only protection system for press brakes with a protected area of up to 18 metres. This makes it ideal for monitoring special purpose presses such as tandem presses, for example. The installation of PSENvip R LR on existing presses is quick and easy: the transmitter remains the same, you only have to swap the receiver. Monitor your tandem press with just one protection system; there’s no need to combine a mobile protection system and light curtains!

With the Long-Range version you also have a hot-pluggable protection system: If you place two press brakes next to one another, you can simply remove the transmitter and receiver in the centre. The transmitter from machine 1 then works with the receiver from machine 2 – without having to restart! You thus avoid unnecessary downtimes with PSENvip R LR. Furthermore, the Long-Range version of the PSENvip is convincing thanks to its usual high level of robustness.

Camera-based protection system PSENvip LR

Industry use of the safe protection system

Our product range: Camera-based protection system PSENvip

Protection system PSENvip

The camera-based protection systems PSENvip are available in a variety of types. The focus here is on safety and productivity.

Accessories for the protection system

Pilz offers a wide range of accessories for the camera-based protection system PSENvip.

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