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PMIopen – the open hardware platform for your software

Operator terminals in the PMI 5 series

PMIopen – the open hardware platform for your software

Human-machine interfaces (HMI) are used for process visualisation and for interaction between man and machine. The PMI 5 (Pilz Human Machine Interface) operator terminals offer sophisticated panels for your diagnostic and visualisation tasks. Powerful 1 GHz RISC processors guarantee speedy performance – even with complex applications.

The PMI 5 devices are compatible with all commonly used visualisation software. You can choose from a large number of display sizes ranging from 3.5 to 15 inches. This provides you with the flexibility you need for your projects.

Benefits and features of the PMIopen operator terminals

  • Open hardware platform – compatible with all commonly used visualisation software
  • Visualisation with any Windows® CE compatible software
  • Simple and intuitive use as well as high flexibility thanks to a large number of display sizes, interfaces and feature options
  • Quick and easy installation using PMI 5 Assistant
  • Suitable for the visualisation of PSS 4000, SafetyBUS p, SafetyNET p, SafetyEYE, Pilz Motion Control (PMC) and PNOZmulti
  • Extensive diagnostic functionalities of PVIS and the PSS 4000 automation system. Further diagnostic options of the safe bus systems SafetyBUS p, SafetyNET p and the configurable PNOZmulti small controller.
  • Design, development and manufacture – Made in Germany
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Our product range: PMIopen


PMIopen allows you to run your own visualisation software developed in-house or to run a software package your company already owns.
PMI 5 Assistant

PMI 5 Assistant

Get the PMI 5 Assistant here, for easy installation of software packages.

Download software PMI 5 Assistant


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