20 Mar 2014

Driverless, safe and efficient

Control and monitoring of automated guided vehicle systems with the automation system PSS 4000

Automated guided vehicle systems offer an efficient, proven solution for satisfying the ever growing requirements of production and distribution processes for short turnaround times, low stockholdings and greater flexibility. The Belgian company MoTuM manufacturers automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and opted to use the automation system PSS 4000 when equipping its systems.

PSS 4000 implements safety and standard tasks

A control system PSSuniversal PLC is integrated into each AGV. It controls and monitors the relevant safety functions as well as standard functions, such as loading and unloading operations. In terms of safety tasks, the control systems check the speed and direction of the individual transport units.

Overall solution from Pilz increases capacities

The complete solution also uses the light grids PSENopt – so each and every movement of the pallets on the AGV is detected safely. Pallet handling in the Logistics Centre were optimised as a result of using the Pilz solution. So both the input and the output capacity were dramatically increased.
Automation: complete and simple!

Further information:

Automation system PSS 4000

Automation system PSS 4000 enables safe, efficient control and monitoring of automated guided vehicle systems.

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