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PSSuniversal 2 – I/O modules for your remote I/O system

Combine freely for your application

PSSuniversal 2 – I/O modules

A selection of I/O modules for safety-related and non-safety-related digital signal processing is available for the remote I/O system PSSuniversal 2. You can configure the system to fit your requirements, with a flexible mixture of safety and standard functions. With PSSuniversal 2 it is very simple to adapt the system retrospectively. The configuration is made in our software tool PASconfig.

I/O modules, the flexible solution – Your benefits

  • The fine granularity of the system means precise adjustment to your specific requirements
  • Modules are simple to exchange for subsequent system adjustments
  • Functional safety as a basic function

Features of I/O modules – Overview

Features of the PSSuniversal 2 I/O modules
  • Precise diagnostics, rapid fault localisation and troubleshooting
  • Minimised dimensions thanks to maximum packing density, with up to 16 channels on 12.5 mm
  • Design of safety and standard functions that can be combined at will
  • Up to 64 modules can be installed in any order
  • Backplane as carrier unit for the modules ensures simple exchange when changes are made to the system

As individual as your industry application

Our product range: I/O modules for your remote I/O system

PSSuniversal 2 – Safe I/O modules

Modules for processing safe signals.

PSSuniversal 2 – Standard I/O modules

Modules for processing standard signals.

PSSuniversal 2 – Backplanes

Backplanes for simple assembly of the individual modules.

PSSuniversal 2 – Accessories

Accessories for PSSuniversal 2 are available, including connection terminals, various inscription holders and memory media.

PSSuniversal 2 – Shunt modules

Modules for connecting the periphery.

PSSuniversal 2 – Power supply modules

For the supply voltage to the periphery and the formation of different supply groups.


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