PNOZelog safety relay

Solid-state safety


The PNOZelog product range combines the experience of electromechanical safety relays with the advantages of modern electronics. With PNOZelog you can reliably monitor up to four safety functions. Wear-resistance, safety and long service life ensure that it is cost-effective to use. Save on wiring! PNOZelog can be easily linked through logic operations. Increase the availability of your machine thanks to expanded diagnostics. Power-up tests, self-checking and runtime tests also guarantee maximum safety.

Take advantage of the shock and vibration-resistant safety relay PNOZelog. Particularly in mobile applications where vibration levels are high. The use of modern electronics ensures the units are durable and maintenance-free.


The benefits of the safety relay PNOZelog at a glance

  • Less wiring thanks to simple logic operations (AND/OR)
  • High availability thanks to extended diagnostics
  • Consistent use of semiconductor technology means no maintenance is necessary
  • No malfunction due to contact welding, contamination, bounce or burning
  • Continuous self-checks provide the highest level of safety; fault detection is not linked to the on/off cycle
  • Long service life, even with frequent operations or cyclical functions
  • Safe switching operations even on the smallest of loads
  • Fast commissioning; plug-in terminals with spring-loaded and screw connections mean that no additional tools are required
The benefits of the safety relay PNOZelog at a glance

PNOZelog – Features at a glance

PNOZelog – Features at a glance
  • Long service life
  • Expanded diagnostics
  • Electronic
  • Non-wearing
  • Linkable
  • Compact

Interconnect PNOZelog to form complete safety functions! Logic connections are available for this purpose. The logic AND/OR connections remove the need for additional wiring on the output. Both outputs on the PNOZelog are free to use.

Easy-to-use diagnostics make the unit cost-effective

Monitor two safety functions simultaneously with just a single unit. That reduces the space requirement in the control cabinet.

Take advantage of the extensive diagnostic options of the safety relay PNOZelog. That way you can reduce machine downtimes and rectify potential error sources immediately. Detailed information about the products' system status will help you:

  • LED indicators enable the simplest possible on-site diagnostics, without additional tools
  • Diagnostic output to the PLC: The most common PLC systems can be adapted for diagnostics using drivers. Both internal and external faults are detected, such as shorts across contacts or wiring errors.
  • Use of multiple linked PNOZelog devices: Only one PLC input is required. The device status plus faults in the input and output circuit are detected and signalled to the PLC system.
As a result of the internal logic AND operation, two safety functions can be covered simultaneously – with just a single unit!

“2-in-1” – The bifunctional PNOZelog

Do you require E-STOP or safety gate monitoring within a compact safety unit? Monitor two safety functions simultaneously with just a single unit. You save on wiring. With a width of just 22.5 mm, the space requirement within the control cabinet is reduced to a minimum. Maximum functionality is achieved through the internal logic AND operation. Each safety function has a separate signal output:

  • PNOZ e5.11p simultaneously monitors an E-STOP/safety gate combination or two safety gates.
  • The PNOZ e5.13p can also be connected to the safety switches PSENmag.
Bifunctional PNOZelog – minimum space occupied

Safe line inspection device PLIDdys – Safe power-up in conjunction with PNOZ e8.1p

With PLIDdys, unintended power-up or plant start-up can be excluded in the event of an error. In combination with the evaluation device PNOZ e8.1p, the line inspection device PLIDdys is the optimum solution for safe cables.

Monitoring for potential wiring errors and protection against power-up in the event of an error.

Our product range: PNOZelog

Two-hand monitoring

Safety relays in the PNOZelog product range monitor two-hand pushbuttons.

To monitor E-STOP, safety gates, light barriers

Safety relays in the PNOZelog product range monitor emergency stop, safety gates or light grids.

Pressure-sensitive mat monitoring

Safety relays in the PNOZelog product range monitor pressure-sensitive mats.

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