Motion control systems PMCprimo

Control systems for simple to high end applications

Motion control systems PMCprimo

The PMCprimo control systems have PLC and motion functionality. They perform the automation within a plant, including motion management. This is possible for a large number of servo axes.

PMCprimo is a byword for high performance and flexibility. Up to 32 axes can be linked flexibly to form a kind of electronic main shaft, and simple CNC tasks can be solved. Standard functions, e.g. "flying saw", "cross cutter" or "cam plate functions", are already stored as function blocks. Machine functions, such as "tubular pouch packaging", are also available. The implementation of modern functions, such as remote maintenance, automatic parameter setting for swapped-out system components and the sharing of all I/Os, allows you to implement high-performance solutions with high availability.

New: Motion control systems PMCprimo C2 – now with even higher performance

The powerful motion control systems PMCprimo C2 have PLC, motion control and CNC functionality and they support you when implementing your complete control tasks. The high-performance PMCprimo C2 with 1.3 GHz processor and FPGA enable hight productivity and process quality. Benefit from short commissioning times thanks to programming by soft PLC in accordance with IEC 61131!

The USB interface guarantees simple data import and export. With PMCprimo C2 an EtherCAT Master interface is provided. In addition, PMCprimo C2 supports master and slave communication interfaces such as Modbus/TCP, CAN or PROFIBUS-DP-S. The control systems also allow parallel operation of several communication networks (EtherCAT/CANopen).

Motion control systems PMCprimo C2

Choose according to your requirements:

Safe-drive-based: PMCprimo DriveP

With the safe-drive-based motion control solution, the motion control system is integrated in the servo amplifier as an option card. Further servo amplifiers can be connected easily via the drive bus. PMCprimo DriveP provides a compact, top-performance solution for your application!

Furthermore, this solution can be easily expanded by the addition of drive-integrated safety functions: using the PMCprotego S safety card. The safe motion, stop, and brake functions ensure reduced set-up times and maintenance requirements and costs. Motion control, PLC and safety functions are combined in the device.

Controller-based: PMCprimo MC

As a central solution, PMCprimo MC with its controller-based hardware platform forms the basis for an open system. Thanks to the various interfaces of the controller, PMCprimo MC is the right choice even for comprehensive applications! The high processing power makes short cycle times possible even with complex application programs. It provides an optimum solution for demanding machine processes.

Benefits with PMCprimo motion control systems

Low space requirements thanks to integrated solution: PMCprimo DriveP – safe drive-based

  • High-performance soft-PLC in compliance with IEC 61131 and clearly structured programming interface
  • Suitable for motion control and CNC applications, optional connection to a master computer, simple expansion using external I/Os by means of PSSu connection
  • Improved machine availability – SD cards enable fast recommissioning following component replacement
  • Cost savings thanks to the integrated PLC, motion and CNC functionality, small control cabinets as a result of the integrated solution
Low space requirements thanks to integrated solution: PMCprimo DriveP – safe-drive-based

Flexibility through openness: PMCprimo MC – controller-based

  • More interfaces support integration in many different automation environments
  • Suitable for more complex application programs thanks to the high processing power
  • Cost-effective control solution for applications up to 16 axes
Flexibility through openness: PMCprimo MC – controller-based

Technical features

Technical features of the compact, high-performance control system PMCprimo DriveP

Technical features of the compact, high-performance control system PMCprimo DriveP

  • Handles control tasks with a particularly high performance level
  • Modular and compact complete solution by inserting the PMCprimo C motion control card into the servo amplifier
  • For all safety-related applications up to PL e as defined in EN ISO 13849-1
Technical features of the open, controller-based control system PMCprimo MC

Technical features of the open, controller-based control system PMCprimo MC

  • Complex machine processes for a large number of axes implemented easily thanks to the high processing power
  • Can be flexibly integrated in any automation environment thanks to the large number of different interfaces: 3 encoders, 4 x CANopen, 1 x PROFIBUS-DP Slave + 3 x CANopen
  • 16 digital inputs and 16 digital outputs each provide the foundation for a cost-effective control solution

Motion control systems PMCprimo – The appropriate solution for every requirement

With Pilz motion control, all your plant's functions are compatible with each other. This allows production processes to run smoothly with fewer failures, providing more economical production. Take advantage of the wide range of functions:

  • IEC 61131-3
  • Jolt-free positioning
  • Virtual main shaft
  • Electrical gear
  • Cam mechanism
  • Register control
  • Web tension control
  • Linear and circular interpolation
  • Electronic rotary cam arrangement
  • Fast inputs to detect print marks
The appropriate solution for every requirement

Motion control systems PMCprimo – Ideal for a multitude of applications

Motion control systems PMCprimo – Ideal for a multitude of applications
  • Transportation and sorting: e.g. synchronisation (on pocket-type conveyor), defined gap/distance, gap filling, jolt-free transportation of paper and liquid, etc.
  • Packaging in its most varied forms: e.g. film wrapping, tubular pouches, blisters, paper, bagging
  • Printing, paper and labelling: e.g. marking (date stamp, etc.), paper cutting, stacking, transporting, special prints such as oven knobs, carton or multi-colour printing, card bonding such as CDs, prize-draw ticket pouches, postcards, etc.)
  • Palletising and cartoning: e.g. stacking, pick and place, traypack
  • Special machine tools: e.g. grinding machines, turning machines
  • Special solution for test bench facility: e.g. positioning, torque control, interpolation and transformation, robotics

Our product range: PMCprimo – For control and motion tasks

PMCprimo C2

The Motion Control card PMCprimo C2 offers high performance and pave the way for high productivity and process quality. Plugged into the servo amplifier PMCprotego D, you obtain the Motion Control system PMCprimo DriveP.

Accessories for PMCprimo

Accessories for the motion control systems PMCprimo consist of various connection cables and plug-in cards and complete any application.

PMCprimo DriveP

Compact, safe-drive-based control system for high process quality – with the option to add drive-integrated safety functions.

PMCprimo MC

Benefit from the highest flexibility through openness - with the controller-based PMCprimo MC control system: It is the right choice for large-scale applications!
PMI 6 primo

PMI 6 primo

PMI 6 primo have PLC, motion and CNC functionality. They handle control and motion tasks at servo axes with maximum performance.

PMI 6 primo

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