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PES - Actuator board contactor

Training system for professional training support: Switching high electrical power

Control panel of the contactor actuator system

The PES - Actuator board contactor is part of the comprehensive module range of Pilz Education Systems (PES). These modular training systems consist of modern, industrially implemented components for practical training.

PES modules simulate the functions of machines or systems and are used for training purposes. They consist of several safety and automation functions that are clearly arranged on a control panel.

Optimal tool for knowledge transfer in the field of automation

Here you can find all information regarding our training systems, their functions and the system versions available.

Pilz Education Systems (PES)

Modular training and learning systems

Understand switching high electrical power with the actuator board contactor

Pilz Education Systems (PES)

The Actuator board contactor shows how to switch high electrical loads using contactors. It represents the 3rd part of a safety function, the output. As well as switching electrical loads, redundant shutdown is demonstrated and can be learned from a realistic example.

Learning objectives for the PES - Actuator board contactor

  • Learn what needs to be considered when switching high loads up to 16 A.
  • Control of electrical loads
  • Use of contact extensions

Our product range: PES - Actuator board contactor

Actuator board contactor

Training system module to illustrate switching of high electrical loads by using 2 auxiliary contactors.

Accessories for training systems

Suitable accessories for the PES – Pilz Education Systems. Here you can find the right accessories for wiring and commissioning individual components or connecting complete training systems to each other.


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