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HMI software PASvisu for web-based visualisation

The web-based HMI software – Your automation in full view!

HMI software PASvisu for web-based visualisation

With PASvisu you benefit from simple, optimum configuration and visualisation of your automation projects. Create a convenient, comprehensive overview of your plant locally and via remote access! PASvisu displays your automation projects in a way that's visually attractive thanks to the most diverse range of style sheets.

PASvisu also enables you to visualise data from several sources in one project. And it doesn’t matter whether the values come from different controllers or automation systems, such as PNOZmulti 2 and PSS 4000 projects for example. With PASvisu it is possible to display all the data together in a single visualisation project – including diagnostic options!

Now even faster configuration of automation projects

With the current version of the visualisation software PASvisu your visualisation projects will be up and running even faster. We have improved the performance of the configuration tool PASvisu Builder so that you save time even when creating your plant and machine visualisation. Also, the new undo and redo function within the tool enables you to undo minor errors simply and quickly as well as retrieve information.

Brand new: You can now control functionally safe operating mode selection on the machine via the HMI function of the compatible touchscreen visualisation panel PMIvisu! This is certified by TÜV SÜD. All the details of the certificate are available here.

Download the current version of PASvisu now!


PASvisu now with visualisation from several data sources

Intuitive and pleasing on the eye: This is how you benefit from PASvisu

  • Accelerated projects: From engineering and runtime to maintenance
  • Link between PAS4000 and PASvisu projects enables shorter project times
  • Faster engineering, as variables do not need to be entered and assigned manually
  • Flexible application on a wide range of end devices - thanks to platform independence
  • Language switching: Create, export and import languages
  • Data logging: Logging of variables and export via CSV file
  • Advanced trend tile: Display of logged trends, targeted filtering by elapsed time and addition of dynamic trend lines
  • Integral recipe manager for convenient definition of the data sets for your machine visualisation

PASvisu consists of the configuration tool PASvisu Builder and PASvisu Runtime

PASvisu consists of the configuration tool PASvisu Builder and PASvisu Runtime
  • Visualisation with tiles: Predefined GUI elements have all the relevant features (e.g. prefix, suffix and error status)
  • Process variables are connected via automatic filtering out in the tool (no need to set up the variables manually)
  • Through the separation of function and appearance on CSS3 (Cascading Style Sheets), a variety of predefined styles are available for selection within the project
  • Cross-platform access via almost every end device such as PC, tablet or smartphone via web browser thanks to the use of HTML5
  • Genuine Client-Server functionality – remote maintenance can be carried out separately from on-site operation

Integral recipe manager


To change parameters on plants and machinery, certain specifications are required. Numerous set values have to be created, changed and transferred to the controller. You can implement this easily via the user-friendly recipe manager from PASvisu. Store the values for the variables and add them to the data sets.

In this way you can quickly and easily define the data sets for your recipes and load them into the controller in runtime. Changes such as cloning, editing or deleting are now also possible at any time.

The visualisation panels to match the software

Your plant visualisation will be displayed perfectly on the Pilz Human Machine Interface PMIvisu. The operator terminal is equipped with a high-performance processor and the visualisation software PASvisu is pre-installed and licensed for user-friendly application. The capacitive displays are available in two versions, each in two sizes.

PMIvisu v8 – HMI panels with visualisation software
With the PMIvisu v807 and v812 you have high-performance visualisation panels in sizes of 4.3“ and 7“. Use the PMIvisu panels in conjunction with the small controller PNOZmulti or the automation system PSS 4000 and benefit from professional visualisation of your plant and machinery!

Diagnostic and visualisation panels PMIvisu v7e
Select PMIvisu v704e and v707e as cost-optimised diagnostic and visualisation panels in sizes of 7“ or 12.1“. With PMIvisu v7e you can visualise and diagnose all the functions of the small controllers PNOZmulti via a direct connection.


PASvisu is perfectly tailored to the visualisation panels PMI v7e

Connection to the automation system PSS 4000

The web-based visualisation software PASvisu is perfectly tailored to the automation system PSS 4000 from Pilz. As a result its control software PAS4000 can easily be linked to the visualisation software PASvisu. This creates a perfect symbiosis of controller and visualisation – for all phases of the machine's lifecycle.

Connection to the automation system PSS 4000

Connection of the configurable safe small controllers PNOZmulti to the visualisation software PASvisu

Now you can link the configurable safe small controllers PNOZmulti directly to the visualisation software PASvisu. As a result you have access to the software's full range of functions, including the diagnostic option. Benefit from short downtimes due to a fast restart!

Connect PNOZmulti to PASvisu with ease

PASvisu is open for all systems

As a result you can easily link all the controllers you are currently using to the visualisation software via an OPC UA Server connection and transfer all the controller's variables.

PASvisu download


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