Technological milestones

With its innovative products, Pilz has written industrial history. In the field of control technology we were one of the first suppliers worldwide. In 1986 Pilz developed a compact circuit within a housing, which replaced the laborious process of wiring contactors. Pilz’s development engineers built on this existing expertise to design the PNOZ trademark. The E-STOP relay PNOZ was the first safety relay and to date is the most widely used worldwide. As the epitome of safety relays, a world without it is no longer conceivable.

From the latest generation of safety relays PNOZmulti

The origin of today's programmable safety controllers goes right back to 1969, when Pilz developed the EUROPILZ SYSTEM. The system comprises a complete range of plug-in Eurocards, used to build industrial controllers. On this basis Pilz was able to respond to the market's requirement for "free programming“ with the PC4K controller in 1974. This was followed by the PITRONIK compact controller in 1976, plus the PITRONIK P8, which was freely programmable using a programming set and standard PCs. The first programmable safety controller PSS 3000 appeared in 1995. With this system, Pilz broke new ground as it moved from electromechanics to an electronic solution for safety-related applications.

At a glance: important innovations from Pilz

1964 One of the first relays – mercury timer relay
1968 First two-hand control relay – S-68 series
1969 First control system – EUROPILZ SYSTEM
1974 First programmable controller – PC4K
1986 High-performance PLC – PITRONIK P9
1987 E-STOP relay PNOZ
1995 First programmable safety controller PSS 3000
1999 First safe fieldbus system – SafetyBUS p
2002 First configurable small controllers – PNOZmulti
2004 First coded safety switch PSENcode
2006 First safe camera system – SafetyEYE
2009 First automation system for safety and automation – PSS 4000
2013 First internationally certified qualification for machinery safety – CMSE®
2016 Web-based visualisation software – PASvisu
2016 First type 3 light curtain – PSENopt II
2018 First service robotics modules – PRBT, PRCM, PRTM, ROS
2018 First security product – SecurityBridge
2019 CECE – first certified qualification for CE marking
2019 First product for safety and security – operating mode selection and access permission system PITmode fusion
2021 First modular safety relay myPNOZ


Top developments: from a mercury relay to a complete robot solution

First industrial electronics equipment manufacturer

Together as a team Pilz initiated important standards and directives, to achieve a uniform view of plant safety. That’s as true today as it was then. Even back in the 70s, Pilz was setting benchmarks in the standardisation of electronic components. Together with major industries, Pilz developed a standard with the series mounting dimension of 35 mm, which was ultimately accepted as the standard.
As a result, the automation company became the first industrial electronic equipment manufacturer to market DIN electronic relays. The standard timer relay from the “N-35” series could be clipped directly on to a standard rail, enabling much faster installation for customers. Later the relays were supplemented by further products on this basis, such as monitoring or two-hand control relays, and so could be used for additional applications.

1970 relay series N-35

Together to success: Pilz's companions along the way

This is where history comes alive: Listen to our former employees to discover more about the time when important technological milestones were developed and how they witnessed this special family and company history.


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