Simple configuration and optimum visualisation of projects

With the web-based HMI software PASvisu you have a full view of your automation projects!

What does it actually mean to have a full view of automation? We think it means being able to operate and monitor all automation and safety functions of a plant or machine. And that's exactly what you can do with the web-based HMI Software PASvisu.

PASvisu - Perfectly compatible with the automation system PSS 4000

The automation system PSS 4000 consists of various hardware and software components as a solution for complex automation projects. One component is the innovative control software PAS4000. This is ideal for linking with the visualisation software PASvisu. The result is the perfect symbiosis of control system and visualisation.

And what does that look like in practice?

This 2 minute video shows you how to use PASvisu and how to operate and monitor your machines in all phases of the lifecycle.

Further information:

Web-based visualisation software PASvisu

Simple configuration and optimum visualisation of automation projects

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