Do you have a technical question?

Technical support helps with technical questions as well as product selection.

Do you have a technical question or do you need help selecting products or using components? Our experienced application engineers in technical support can provide safe, competent assistance.

Pilz technical support demonstrates practical solutions to technical challenges, providing tailor-made answers to individual questions. Support extends well beyond diagnostics in case of error messages: help with product selection, design of circuits, commissioning questions and optimisation during operation are all included in the portfolio.

Solution-oriented and product-neutral

So that individual problems are resolved in the best way possible, support doesn't just deal with Pilz products but takes a solution-oriented approach in the interests of the customer.

Support round the clock

Customers can reach the international hotline on:

+49 (0) 711 3409-444

If the problem cannot be resolved from afar or the fault analysis is too complex, then technical support will also go out to the field and support customers on site.

Premium service: remote support

In addition to our free telephone technical support Pilz also offers a premium service in the form of "remote support" for program changes, software updates and commissioning.


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