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PSS 4000: Systematic, global machinery safety

Thanks to new functions, the automation system PSS 4000 can be used internationally and independently of the machine.

Different markets have different requirements of automation systems. So different editors and communication protocols are widespread on a regional basis. Thanks to a wide range of functions and characteristics, the automation system PSS 4000 is exactly suited to these requirements.

Versatile and flexible for machine-independent application

The control systems of the automation system PSS 4000 can be integrated into various automation architectures. The hardware can communicate via Ethernet/IP, EtherCAT, CANopen, Modbus TCP and Profibus-DP. So machine-independent application is easily possible.

Various editors for safety automation functions

The availability of various editors ensures a wide freedom of choice in terms of programming languages. Various editors - PAS LD (Ladder Diagram), PAS STL (Structured Text) and PAS IL (Instruction List) are available for PLC programming in accordance with EN/IEC 61131-3, while PASmulti is available for configuration of safety and automation functions.

For international application in your own language

The ability to work in your native language also makes it easier to understand and handle the software. As a new feature, the menu language, help menus, installation support, safety manual and system description are now available in eight different languages (German, English, Italian, Chinese, Spanish, French, Japanese, Portuguese).

The automation system PSS 4000 can be used irrespective of the country, industry and application: complete and simple!

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