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Servo motor PMCtendo

The right servo motor for every application

Servo motors PMCtendo

The PMCtendo servo motor can be used in any application. Regardless of whether your focus is on dimensions, dynamics, controllability or the feedback systems. Due to their high power density, the servo motors PMCtendo SZ have an extremely short overall length and are lightweight. As a result, the synchronous motors are particularly suitable for on-board axes and for installation in confined spaces. Precise motor synchronisation, due to low cogging torques, provides constantly high process quality.

Can't find the right servo motor in our product selection? Then why not put together your own individual servo motor! You can use the PMCtendo type code to do this. We are happy to help. Just contact us!


Benefits of servo motor PMCtendo SZ

  • High power density due to the very short overall length
  • Extremely quiet operation and high process quality due to the low cogging torques
  • Maximum cycle rate/machine output thanks to maximum dynamics
  • Best heat dissipation generates permanently high performance
  • High resolution absolute value encoder systems for highest performance and absolute positioning
  • Ideal for use with on-board axes and in cramped conditions
  • Energy saving (IE4) due to high efficiency factor
Benefits of servo motor PMCtendo SZ

Technical features of servo motor – Overview

speedtec quick lock
  • Extremely short overall length
  • Smooth shaft
  • High dynamics due to low inertia
  • SpeedTec connector or SpringTec connector
  • Thermal winding protection PTC
  • Protection type up to IP66
  • Black matt surface to RAL 9005
  • EnDat absolute encoder (single-turn or multi-turn), electronic nameplate
springtec quick lock
  • Holding brake 24 VDC
  • Increased inertia
  • External IP44 fan to IC416
  • Water cooling, A-side motor flange
  • UL and CSA approval for the motor insulation system

Thanks to the electronic nameplate of the PMCtendo SZ servo motor, the servo amplifier detects the characteristic data immediately upon connection. Thanks to automatic parameter setting, the servo motor can be commissioned quickly and easily. The replacement of a motor is also detected automatically. This prevents problems resulting from the operation of non-commissioned axes.

Application areas – When dynamics and controllability are important factors

The application areas for PMCtendo servo motors are almost unlimited. Excellent controllability and high motor dynamics are usually key factors, along with the compact dimensions. We also manufacture the synchronous motors in a version with increased inertia.

Typical application areas for the PMCtendo synchronous motors are:

  • Machine tools
  • Packaging machines
  • Printing machinery
  • Paper production
  • Filling
  • Handling/robotics
  • Vertical axes
  • Diagnostics


Application areas

Process data under control – Including monitoring

Status displays, error messages and warnings from the motor are output on the PMCtendo DD and PMCprotego D servo amplifiers.

  • Process data: Position, speed, acceleration, current, temperature
  • Monitoring: Earth fault, overcurrent, short circuit, open circuit, encoder system
  • Motor fault: Servo amplifier detects faults immediately and simultaneously informs you of the possible causes

Industry uses of synchronous motors

Our product range: Servo motor PMCtendo

Servo motors PMCtendo SZ

The PMCtendo SZ range of modern servo motors is a winning combination with high power density, extremely short overall lengths and low weight. Regardless of whether for on-board axes or for installation in confined spaces: we have the right servo motor for your specific application!

Servo motor PMCtendo AC

PMCtendo AC is available for a wide torque range and in various speed variants. For new designs, we recommend the PMCtendo SZ range of servo motors. We are happy to advise you!


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