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Collision measurement set PROBms for human-robot collaboration

All-in-one rental concept for peace of mind when validating your robot applications

Collision measurement set for human-robot collaboration

Human-robot collaboration: There's no such thing as a safe robot, only a safe robot application!

Within the framework of a safe human-robot collaboration, human-robot applications without guards must consider the limit values in the event of a potential collision in accordance with ISO/TS 15066 (body area model). If the application remains within these limits during contact between human and robot, it conforms to the standard. The relevant measurements are therefore required in every human-robot application.

The collision measurement set PROBms is used during validation of human-robot collaborations and serves to record the force and pressure that would result in the event of a potential collision.

Functionality of collision measurement set

  • Force measurement

The collision measurement device is equipped with springs and sensors to measure the forces exerted on the human body.
The nine different springs have different spring force constants and are used in force measurement to recreate the various body regions.

  • Pressure measurement

Pressure indicating films are used to measure the local pressure and compare it with the limit values specified from the standard.
A convenient software tool is available for validating and digitalising force measurements and for generating test reports. 

Collision measurement using PROBms

All-in-one rental concept for peace of mind

Collision measurement set PROBms
  • One day of practical product training
  • Measurement device PROBmdf (force measurement)
  • Pressure indicating films
  • Compression elements
  • Scanner for evaluation of pressure indicating films
  • Sophisticated after-sales package - including maintenance, calibration, and software updates
  • Case

Your benefits with the all-in-one PROBms rental concept for peace of mind

  • Cutting-edge product through regular maintenance, calibration and updates
  • High product availability
  • Standard-compliant measurement of force and pressure
  • Precise validation
  • Practical application
  • Standardised measurement method
  • Realistic evaluation of workstations
  • Simple to use due to compact, lightweight product
  • Software with protocol tools – for straightforward evaluation, visualisation and documentation
  • Long service life due to robust workmanship and high quality components
  • Flexible to adapt to environmental conditions, e.g. due to freely accessible springs

Features of the collision measurement set for human-robot collaboration

  • Robust workmanship
  • High-quality components
  • Freely accessible springs
  • Licensed software incl. protocol tools
  • Rental concept includes maintenance, calibration and regular updates
Robot application

Pilz – your partner for safe human-robot collaboration

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Industry use of the collision measurement set


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