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Safety-related equipment

What is the definition of a "slight injury" and a "serious injury"?

As a design engineer, I need to make a safety-related assessment in order to define the safety-related equipment. I need to estimate the hazards that are present and the injuries than can occur. I have some hazards that cannot be entirely removed because workers require direct access. The question is this: What is the definition of a "slight injury" and a "serious injury", because some of the safety technology may depend on this?

The risk graph in EN ISO 13849-1 can be used when selecting control measures.
The classification for the severity of injury distinguishes between

S1: Slight (normally reversible) injury;
in other words, any injury that is expected to heal completely without causing any lasting symptoms and/or damage. For example: scratches, bruises, minor cuts, etc.

S2: Serious (normally irreversible) injury including death;
in other words, injuries that are not expected to heal. For example: loss of limbs, irreversible bruises, loss of sight, through to death.



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