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Ostfildern, Apr 4, 2014

New safety relay PNOZ c2 from Pilz - Fast light beam device monitoring

Pilz is now supplying the safety relay PNOZ c2 from the product range PNOZcompact for safe monitoring of all standard type 4 light beam devices or sensors with safe switching devices (OSSD outputs) in accordance with EN 61496. The short reaction time of no more than 12 milliseconds provides added flexibility as light beam devices can be mounted nearer to the hazardous movement. The new PNOZ c2 can be used in all fields of mechanical engineering and meets the highest safety requirements up to Performance Level (PL) e and Safety Integrity Level Claim Limit (SIL CL) 3. The safety relay brings benefits for the series production of machines in particular.

The overall reaction time of maximum 12 milliseconds is guaranteed over the whole lifecycle, enabling the light beam devices to be installed closer to the danger source. So depending on the application environment, it may not be necessary to protect against reaching behind the system.
The safety relay's reaction time is displayed on the front of the new safety relay. That saves time during installation and servicing, and during the annual inspection of electrosensitive protective equipment (ESPE inspection). The light beam device transmitter and receiver are supplied with voltage directly via PNOZ c2, enabling them to be installed more quickly.
For example, in combination with light beam devices PSENopt and safety gate switches PSENcode from Pilz, the result is a safe, fast solution for electrosensitive protective equipment.
The new PNOZ c2 offers the very highest safety standards up to PL e of EN ISO 13849-1 / SIL CL 3 of IEC 62061 for monitoring type 4 light beam devices and sensors with OSSD outputs.

Fast, cost-saving and flexible to install
Two start options - monitored or automatic – simplify the connection of the preferred start option as there is no need for additional jumpers to be available for selection. The spring-loaded terminals fixed on the device can be connected without the need for tools, contributing towards a fast, simple installation. So PNOZ c2 not only saves time but also costs, thanks to simplified connection and flexible maintenance.

Simplified documentation
PNOZ c2 contains a block diagram showing a connection example, enabling it to be connected without separate documentation.
The new safety relay also has a QR code, which can be used to call up further product information. So you always have access to the very latest product data.


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