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PMIopen – The open hardware platform for your software

Operator terminals in the 5 Series

PMIopen – The open hardware platform for your software

Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) are used for process visualisation and interaction between man and machine. They are the link between operator and machine. HMI systems such as the Pilz PMI enable professional operating and monitoring.

The operator terminals PMI (Pilz Human Machine Interface) offer a sophisticated diagnostic and visualisation concept. Powerful 1 GHz RISC processors guarantee speedy performance – even with complex applications.

You have the choice between a large number of display sizes. This provides you with the flexibility you need for your projects.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Open hardware platform
  • "Made in Germany" – high quality, reliable devices, developed and manufactured in-house
  • Simple, intuitive handling and maximum suitability for use
  • Competent advice and customer care
  • High flexibility thanks to a large number of display sizes, interfaces and feature options
Your benefits at a glance

PMI – Features of the operator terminals

Operator terminals

Operator terminals

  • Visualisation for compact projects – PMI 509 with 3.5" display and PMI 515 with 5.7" display
  • High level of visualisation within a small area – PMI 516 with 6.5" display
  • Wide screen for high resolution – PMI 518 with 7" display
  • Visualisation that is easy to read – PMI 526 with 10.4" display
  • Solution for large plants – PMI 531 with 12.1" display
  • Solution for more complex plants – PMI 538 with 15.0" display


  • Implemented as a flexible, complete solution for visualisation of PSS 4000, SafetyBUS p, SafetyNET p, SafetyEYE, Pilz Motion Control (PMC) and PNOZmulti
  • In combination with any common visualisation software - simple configuration, implementation and application
  • With any Windows® CE-compatible software, especially with numerous applications for Win CE 6 (ARM)


PMI offers the attractive diagnostic functionalities of PVIS and the automation system PSS 4000. It also combines the diagnostic options of the safe bus system SafetyBUS p, SafetyNET p and the configurable control system PNOZmulti.

Save time and money with PMI

With PMI you can save a lot of time and money when diagnosing machine downtimes. The display outputs error messages as plain text. The cause of the error appears first. The operator receives specific instructions on how to rectify the fault, at the touch of a button. Your benefits:

  • Flexibility thanks to a range of sizes and feature options
  • Flexible, complete solution for visualisation of the automation system PSS 4000, SafetyNET p, PMC and PNOZmulti
Save time and money with PMI

Our product range: PMIopen


PMIopen allows you to run your own visualisation software developed in-house or to run a software package your company already owns.
PMI 5 Assistant

PMI 5 Assistant

Here you have access to the PMI 5 Assistant, for help with the simple process of installing software packages.

Download software PMI 5 Assistant


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