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Issue 12 2022 / Dec 21, 2022

Pilz wishes all its customers, business partners and staff a very happy Christmas. Thank you for putting your trust in us. We already look forward to working with you in the coming year. In the last edition of the newsletter for this year, discover how to safeguard automated guided vehicles and how we support the rail industry with our safety solutions.
Pilz wishes you a happy Christmas!

At Christmas, our wish for our staff, customers and partners is that this wonderful time of celebration heralds the return of peace, love and hope in our world and in our personal lives.
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Future-proof labelling!

The food manufacturer Haco AG simply wanted to integrate a new labelling laser into an existing coffee filling line – without long downtimes. However, the installed safety relay could not be expanded any further. After a short conversion phase, the modular safety relay myPNOZ provided a future-proof replacement.
Railway infrastructure - modernised and safe

Here you can discover everything about our solutions for a modernised railway infrastructure and safe railway operation. From engineering and project configuration through to service and maintenance - simple and safe!
Modular safety solutions for AGVS

Here you can discover how to harmonise safety and productivity using modular product solutions. Even at high speeds, obstacles are detected immediately and collisions successfully avoided. In the case of danger, the AGVS is switched off safely and then switched back on. Read on to discover how that works with the right solution.


Want to monitor your machines safely without compromising on productivity?

Register for our presentation now for free and discover the productivity-boosting safety solutions you can use in your business!
Once the contract is concluded - EU harmonisation work full steam ahead!

EU Commission signs contract with harmonised standards contractor! The consultancy firm ERNST & YOUNG will continue to act in the role of the contractor. In the name of the EU, E&Y has to undertake the task of appointing/approving the so-called harmonised standards consultants (HAS consultants) and managing and monitoring the budget provided by the EU for this purpose.