PILZ Inside Automation
Issue 7 2018 /
Dear Sir or Madam,

PNOZmulti is the worldwide safety standard for all machine types. Whether configuration, documentation, commissioning or maintaining – with PNOZmulti you can do this completely without programming skills. Find out more in this Newsletter edition about to monitor presses safely with the new expansion module for the configurable small control systems PNOZmulti 2. In addition, we show you how HOMAG successfully uses the configurable safety systems PNOZmulti in practice.

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PNOZmulti Configurator Software Version 10.11

New: PNOZmulti Configurator Software Version 10.11. Configure a secure network between PNOZmulti 2 base units and the safe motion solution PMCprotego DS via real-time Ethernet SafetyNET p RTFL.
Monitor analogue input signals safely with PNOZmulti 2!

The product range for the configurable safe small control systems PNOZmulti 2 has been expanded to include an analogue input module PNOZ m EF 4AI. Monitor your process values up to PL e / SIL CL 3 safely and exactly now!
Diagnostics and visualisation panels PMIvisu v7e

Maintain a comprehensive overview of your plants and machines! With PMIvisu v704e and v707e Pilz supplements its portfolio by cost-optimised diagnostics and visualisation panels. Find out more now!
Efficient safety management makes lasers safe

High-performance lasers are extremely dangerous. How can plant operators be protected from the dangerous beams? Find out more about how HOMAG safeguards its plants using the freely configurable safety system PNOZmulti and the process guarding system PSENslock!