Specialist knowledge

Technologies in transition, and ever more efficient production and automation concepts demand ever more intelligent safety solutions. Increasingly complex products and changes in the standards' and legal world all make it necessary to transfer knowledge continually and constantly. In the area of specialist knowledge your receive valuable expertise concerning automation, on standards, laws and machinery safety.


Laws & standards

Our Laws and and Standards section is designed to give comprehensive information about the current legal position and all the standards relating to safety.

Safety Tools

Tools related to machinery safety: The Pilz safety compendium offers 300 pages for orientation for the application of functional safety standards. Pilz App PASmsi is a mobile Safety Calculator for calculating safety functions.


The online lexicon explains the key terms and abbreviations from the world of safe automation.


In our FAQ section you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions on our products and services. On our interactive platform www.wissen-maschinensicherheit.de you can find answers to your questions on standards, laws and machinery safety.