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The following overview provides a view of the general functions of Pilz E-Shop. Select your country from the world map to see what functions are available in your country, and to use the E-Shop.

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In the B2B environment, today's E-Shops must offer a whole lot more than just a 24 hour shopping portal. In global markets, it is really important to have information, products and parts readily available, as well as having a comprehensive overview of every transaction that has been completed. Pilz offers you these additional functions, making it easy and convenient for you to shop online. Worldwide in 31 countries and in 16 languages.

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Not yet registered?

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Video tutorials on the e-shop

Video tutorials on the e-shop

Our video tutorials are a step-by-step guide covering everything you need to know about the various functions of the Pilz e-shop. In them, we explain how you order and search for products, for example.

An overview of all the key E-Shop functions

  Function Without registration With registration Registered user with customer no.
http://srv-imp-prod-back/imperia/md/images/editors_mm/eshop_icon_order_33.jpg?timestamp=1380100816 Order products
Orders are easy to place online.
No Yes Yes
http://srv-imp-prod-back/imperia/md/images/editors_mm/eshop_icon_offer_request_33.jpg?timestamp=1380099825 Request quotations
Arrange an individual quotation.
No Yes Yes

Display list prices
View the list prices of our products.

Yes Yes Yes
http://srv-imp-prod-back/imperia/md/images/editors_mm/eshop_icon_individual_prices_33.jpg?timestamp=1380100162 Display customised graduated prices
Your own agreed prices are displayed per product.
No No Yes
http://srv-imp-prod-back/imperia/md/images/editors_mm/eshop_icon_product_ava_33.jpg?timestamp=1380100674 Display product availability
The current availability of each product is displayed.
No No Yes
http://srv-imp-prod-back/imperia/md/images/editors_mm/eshop_icon_order_delivery_33.jpg?timestamp=1380100306 Orders and delivery tracking
You can access all information on your orders at any time.
No No Yes
http://srv-imp-prod-back/imperia/md/images/editors_mm/eshop_icon_download_center_1_ohne_rand_33.jpg?timestamp=1380099290 Download documents
Use the download area to download all the information about the product.
Individual Yes
including data that
requires registration
Yes to all
http://srv-imp-prod-back/imperia/md/images/editors_mm/eshop_icon_basket_33.jpg?timestamp=1380099915 Import and export shopping baskets
Load the order references into the E-Shop or save your shopping basket locally.
No Yes Yes
http://srv-imp-prod-back/imperia/md/images/editors_mm/eshop_icon_reminder_33.jpg?timestamp=1380100487 Reminder list
Save your products here and you'll be able to access them at any time.
Yes No Yes

View, amend and order via individually agreed contracts.

No No Yes


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e-business services from Pilz

e-business services from Pilz

Pilz offers business clients e-business solutions that are all designed to make the purchasing process more efficient. We will be pleased to advise you in person on how to set up and use Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), Open Catalogue Interface (OCI) and BMECat.