News from Pilz as an RSS feed

News from Pilz as an RSS feed

News from Pilz about solutions, products, services and the company is available simply and conveniently as an RSS feed. Simply subscribe to stay up-to-date on the very latest in safe automation.

Function of the Pilz RSS feed.

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a technology for sending the whole content of web pages or individual articles as a short message, quickly and easily. You can subscribe to these messages using a suitable news or feed reader. The reader collects all the subscribed content and presents it for viewing in a clear, ordered list format.
The Pilz RSS feed provides our international news on safe automation as short messages in your RSS reader. Just click on the relevent message to access detailed information on the subject on our homepage.

How do we read the Pilz RSS feed?

To read the Pilz RSS feeds you will need an RSS reader. The latest versions of many modern web browsers, such as Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari, already support direct RSS feeds. And many current mail programs such as Microsoft Outlook or Lotus Notes also allow you to subscribe to and display RSS feeds. 
A wide range of free or commercial programs are also available to enable you to read RSS feeds with ease.

This is how to subscribe to the Pilz RSS feed.

To start receiving news from Pilz as an RSS feed, simply subscribe:

You can also enter the following link in the field provided on your RSS reader: