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Aug 20, 2014

Standard in port logistics

The automation system PSS 4000 monitors all the safety-related functions on the dockside cranes in the Khalifa Port in Abu Dhabi.

“With the automation system PSS 4000 we achieved a great deal more than we originally intended. Conventional concepts would never have reached the same level of performance. …“, Javier Rizo, TMEIC (Toshiba Mitsubishi-Electric Industrial Systems Cooperation).

The modern container port is located between the cities of Abu Dhabi and Dubai and uses the very latest technology in matters of handling, control and safety. The automation system PSS 4000 is used to monitor the container transshipment system.

Intelligent, safe handling

The automation system PSS 4000 monitors all the safety-related functions on the dockside cranes, such as emergency stop, safety gates or position. A total of 19 control systems PSSuniversal PLC and 38 decentralised systems PSSuniversal I/O are used and are all networked together.

Decentralise control functions

Decentralisation / distribution of control functions plays a key role. In contrast with a centralised control system, a modular user program is available within a centralised project. This enables simple, standardised handling across the whole project.

PSS 4000 – One system for safety and automation

In addition to the safety functions, PSS 4000 also processes automation data within the overall system: PSSuniversal PLC reads the data in, forwards it to a higher level control system and then switches the automation outputs accordingly.

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Automation system PSS 4000 used in the Khalifa Port in Abu Dhabi.