CRSE - Certified Robot Safety Expert

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CRSE - The Certified Robot Safety Expert course provides you with the expertise to develop and implement safe control systems for integrating robot applications. CRSE is certified by TÜV NORD and is an internationally recognised qualification. As part of continuing training, the course teaches the current requirements from the relevant directives and standards. The course looks at the safety of stationary and mobile robots. Automated guided vehicles and collaborating robots are also examined. You’ll learn the requirements that must be met when commissioning, operating, accessing, maintaining and setting up a variety of robot systems. The two-day training course focuses in particular on the complex robot lifecycle. This includes legislation, standards and technical reports. We will show you how to develop and verify safeguarding measures in work areas that contain robots.

When you pass your exam you will receive an independent certificate issued by TÜV NORD as evidence of your qualification. This certificate is recognised worldwide and entitles you to use the designation "CRSE - Certified Robot Safety Expert".

CRSE - Certified Robot Safety Expert


Overview of the Machinery Directive

  • Machinery Directive with regard to robot applications within Europe
  • Roles and responsibilities of manufacturers, robot integrators and operators

Robot technology

  • Definitions and terms for robots
  • Application of robot technology
  • Design/function of robot arm and controller


  • Examination of the current position of the standards for robot applications
  • Application of ISO 10218­1 and ­2
  • Examination of the technical specifications

Risk assessment for robot cells

  • Identifying hazards for machine operators, maintenance staff and those tasked with setting up the plant
  • Protective measures and safety functions specific to robots
  • Workshop on "Risk assessment for robot integration"

Hazardous energies in robot cells

  • Controlling hazardous energies in robot cells
  • Safe access to robot cells
  • Workshop on "Safeguarding people working in areas in which robots are used". These people include, for example, operators, section heads, maintenance engineers and fitters.


  • Verification of the safe control system
  • Required testing of the safe control system
  • For validation of the required documentation
  • Workshop on "Achieving the required performance level for safety functions"

Target groups

CRSE is aimed particularly at machine manufacturers, robot cell integrators, users of robots, designers of robot cells and project engineers. CRSE is also aimed specifically at people who are responsible on a daily basis for the issue of robot safety.


To successfully participate in the two-day expert training course you will need to have sufficient knowledge in the field of robot safety. This will include the following:

  • Extensive prior knowledge of robot safety
  • Attendance at the training courses: "Requirements for the safe application of robots" and "Safe human-robot collaboration"
  • Attendance at one of the above-named courses plus "CMSE - Certified Machinery Safety Expert"

Unsure whether your current qualifications meet the required level? Then get in touch with us. We will be happy to advise you personally and indicate potential alternatives for achieving the level of qualifications for CRSE.


The content of the training course is designed especially for people who are responsible directly or indirectly for robot safety and integration. This course contains an exam at the end of the second day. When you have passed the exam you will receive the TÜV NORD certificate for "CRSE - Certified Robot Safety Expert", which is recognised worldwide. The certificate is valid for four years and can be extended for a further four years by attending a recertification course.

Benefits to you

  • Gain extensive knowledge of the requirements from the relevant directives and standards for robot safety and robot integration.
  • Discover how to manage robot projects, from risk assessment and safety upgrade through to functional implementation.
  • Learn how to design systems for functional safety in accordance with EN ISO 10218­1 and ­2.
  • Achieve an internationally recognised qualification in robot safety and integration.

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