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Modular safety gate system

Complete safety gate solution with access permission

The modular safety gate system offers an individual safety gate solution that is ideally tailored to your application. This means that we offer you a flexible combination of individual components to match your requirements: from the safety gate sensor, handle modules and escape releases to the diagnostic system and the matching evaluation device. You profit from flexible installation options, fast installation  and configuration, and easy operation and diagnostics.

However, even the best gate guarding is pointless when unauthorised persons can gain access to your machines, causing unwanted machine standstill or quality losses, for example. Therefore, our solution allows to secure your safety gates and also authorisation control management. This ensures that only authorised employees have access to the plant, and only they can carry out commands such as stop, release, lock or acknowledge.

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The heart of the solution: The right safety gate sensor/switch

Safety gate sensor PSENmlock

Safety gate sensor PSENmlock

The secure safety gate sensor PSENmlock has a holding force of 7500 N and offers safe interlocking and safe guard locking in just one product. This is possible because the guard locking has dual-channel operation. As a result the switch is particularly suitable for machines with dangerous overrun that require safe guard locking up to PL d or PL e.

More information about PSENmlock

Series connection with safety device diagnostics

Diagnostics and series connection with Safety Device Diagnostics

In combination with Safety Device Diagnostics (SDD) it is possible to have targeted control of individual switches and/or gates, without costly, individual wiring in the control cabinet. The SDD also enables simple and comprehensive diagnostics of the safety switches, reducing downtimes.

Escape release with PSENmlock

Maximum safety thanks to optional escape release

Two versions of the escape release can be combined with PSENmlock as an optional accessory: A bar is used to connect the PSENml escape release directly to the base unit, while the PSENml escape release cordset is mounted on the PSENmlock via a pull-push wire.

Handle accessories

The right handle for optimum protection

With handles that are specifically tailored for use with the safety gate system PSENmlock, what you get is an economical solution for safeguarding safety gates. Whether it's for a swing door or sliding door: we can offer you the right handle. An extensive range of installation accessories is also available.

The perfect partner: simple operation with the pushbutton unit PITgatebox

Pushbutton unit PITgatebox

The pushbutton unit PITgatebox is ideal for combining with the two safety gate sensors PSENslock and PSENmlock. As a result you have additional control and pushbutton elements: From E-STOP pushbuttons and illuminated pushbuttons to key switches and key-operated pushbuttons. The PITgatebox is available in a number of versions and with its robust die cast zinc housing is particularly resistant to shock, vibration and collision. Its slimline housing enables space-saving installation in standard aluminium profile systems.

More information about the PITgatebox

Benefits at a glance

  • Individual solution to suit the application
  • Extensive, modular portfolio
  • Numerous combination options
  • High quality thanks to certification to common safety standards
  • Can be integrated quickly into your plant
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Complete, one-stop solution that's safe and economical
  • Ideal for use in conjunction with Pilz safe control technology

Our product range: Modular safety gate system


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