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Devices for position monitoring

Safe position monitoring with the appropriate sensor

Devices for position monitoring

The safe proximity switch PSENini monitors positions safely without actuator, because it responds to metallic objects thanks to its inductive mode of action. On the other hand the magnetic safety switch PSENmag and the coded safety switch PSENcode are suitable for monitoring positions with an actuator.

One version of the coded safety switch PSEN csx.19 is suitable for monitoring and distinguishing up to three positions safely. Use our safe rope-pull switch PSENrope to assure a safe E-STOP at any point on your conveyor belt.

There are more E-STOP pushbuttons in the PITestop product range. The rotary encoders PSENenco are used to determine position and speed in the automation system PSS 4000.

Flexible to use and easy to install – Benefits to you

  • Non-contact detection when metallic objects approach (PSENini)
  • E-STOP function at every point of the conveyor (PSENrope)
  • Safe evaluation of speed and position (PSENenco)
Flexible to use, easy to install

Features of the position and proximity switches

  • Designed for applications up to PL e of EN ISO 13849-1
  • Designed for applications up to SIL CL 3 of EN/IEC 62061

Safe position monitoring with position and proximity switches

The product range – comprising PSENini, PSENrope and PSENenco – is used for the safe monitoring of positions. Depending on the sensor used, various applications can be realised.

Safe position monitoring with position and proximity switches

Position and proximity switches in industry uses

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