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Light barriers PSENopt

Safety without barriers

Light barriers PSENopt

When the production process requires active intervention, the light barriers PSENopt provide optimum protection for plant and machinery. Depending on the requirement, the light barrier satisfies finger, hand or body protection in accordance with EN/IEC 61496-1.

A comprehensive range of accessories and light barriers with advanced functionalities – such as muting, blanking or cascading – support flexible application on any machine.

New light beam devices PSENopt slim – Small light grid, high level of safety

With its slimline design, PSENopt slim is particularly suitable for use in applications where space is at a premium, such as in gate systems. In this case, the Type 2 and Type 4 light beam devices provide finger and hand protection, depending on the requirement. Thanks to the cascading function with no dead zones, they provide effective protection against encroachment into and behind the protected area. The operator can evaluate the essential causes and system defects responsible for the machine stop by means of the LEDs. This reduces downtimes. PSENopt slim can be installed quickly and simply using fitting aids. In conjunction with PNOZsigma or PNOZmulti, for example, PSENopt slim devices offer a complete solution that's both safe and economical.

PSENopt slim

Safe intervention in the production process – The benefits of PSENopt

  • Increased productivity thanks to ergonomic workflow
  • Space-saving – Thanks to compact dimensions
  • Light barrier can quickly be integrated into your plant
  • Light barriers are simple to operate and maintain
  • Protected fields and detection capability can be set up to be process-oriented
Safe intervention in the production process

Features of light barriers

Features of light barriers
  • Compliant and approved in accordance with EN/IEC 61508, EN/IEC 61496-1, UL 508
  • Designed for applications up to PL c (Type 2), PL d (Type 3), PL e (Type 4) of EN ISO 13849-1 and SIL CL 1 (Type 2), SIL CL 2 (Type 3), SIL CL 3 (Type 4) of EN/IEC 62061
  • Resolution: Finger, hand, body protection, access guarding

The light barrier for all industries and applications

With our light barriers you can protect your staff and capital goods – safely, efficiently and economically. An invisible protected field of the infrared light barrier protects the danger zones. If a light beam is broken it will immediately trigger a safe shutdown command.

Muting, blanking and/or cascading open up a wide range of possibilities for incorporating the light barrier into your plant in the optimum way. They are therefore suitable for a wide range of industries and applications.

The light barrier PSENopt achieves protection type IP6K9K in protective housings and is therefore suitable for humid environments where there are high demands on hygiene.

The mirrors enable the light guard beams to be easily deflected, securing a larger protected field without using additional light guard. Thanks to post protectors, our light guards are protected against shock, collision or vibration even in rugged industrial environments.

The light barrier for all industries and applications

Pilz - Your partner for inspection of protective equipment

The independent inspection body of Pilz GmbH & Co. KG, Ostfildern, accredited by the German Accreditation Body DAkkS to ISO/IEC 17020:2012 supports you as a partner in conducting the internationally valid safety inspection of your electrosensitive protective equipment.

Further information: Pilz inspection of ESPE

Pilz – Your partner for inspection of protective equipment

Industry uses of light guards

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