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Packaging technology

Economical and flexible packaging technology solutions

Efficient, economical packaging processes require a high level of automation. At the same time, the Machinery Directive is also making basic demands on the functional safety of packaging machines. In practice it comes down to the harmonisation of safety and automation, particularly when the machine needs to be fitted or maintained.

It's essential to have a safety concept for your packaging machines and to select the right safe sensors, control systems and drives, including the appropriate software for machine diagnostics and maintenance. With our experience in the packaging technology industry, we can certainly provide support.

Pilz at Interpack 2017

Meet Pilz from 4 to 10 May 2017 at the COMPONENTS SPECIAL TRADE FAIR BY INTERPACK 2017 in Düsseldorf! Our experts will be presenting flexible, economic solutions for your packaging plant and machinery. At interpack 2017 you will also experience our Smart Factory and see our world first, the electrically activated E-STOP PITestop active, in action!

Curious? We have gathered all the information on our exhibition page.

Pilz at Interpack 2017

Savings as a result of complete automation solutions

Complete automation solutions with totally compatible components comprising safe sensors, control systems and drives, including appropriate software for machine diagnostics and maintenance, offer a high potential for savings and productivity increases. So not only does machine safety provide protection against avoidable accidents, it also contributes towards an economical packaging process because downtimes are reduced, for example.

Benefits for packaging technology:

Our solutions for packaging technology:

  • Economical maintenance and diagnostics thanks to tailor-made solutions
  • Time and cost savings due to individually developed solutions, using simple configuration and programming software
  • Solutions adapted to performance: small, medium and large control systems
  • Networked communication and decentralised system architectures
  • Intelligent dovetailing of safety and standard control tasks
  • Plant assessment


Would you like more information about what we can offer the packaging industry? The flyers contain further information about our safety solutions for packaging machinery.

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